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Louise Brown

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Louise Brown

Louise Brown - Cover supervisor

Name: Louise Brown

Job Role: Cover supervisor

School: Bowland High Academy

Bio: Started as a youth worker, and then became a teaching assistant.

Before working as a cover supervisor I was a teaching assistant, and before that a youth worker. I applied for the job through the school. The qualifications I had in place were CSEs (Certificates of Secondary Education).

The job as a cover supervisor involves covering classes when teachers are on short-term absence, such as off sick. As a cover supervisor I am responsible for supervising the class while they get on with the work that should have been planned for the lesson (which is not as simple as it sounds!). When no cover supervisors are needed, I have an admin and teaching assistant role.

To do my job I need bundles of patience! I also need to stay calm as I am often managing large groups of children.

Alongside my role as a cover supervisor, I am also the nurture group co-ordinator. The school funded the setting up of the nurture group to support our most vulnerable students. The school has been very supportive in my career development and I recently achieved Level 1 in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.