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Jackie Stone

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Jackie Stone

Jackie Stone - Teaching assistant

Name: Jackie Stone

Job Role: Teaching assistant

School: Strathmore School (School for students with severe learning difficulties)

Bio: Teaching assistant with over 25 years' experience

I have been a teaching assistant for 25 years. I also teach art and design and technology one afternoon a week. Prior to this I worked as a teaching assistant in a secondary school for pupils with severe learning disabilities.

I have been working in schools and education settings all of my life. When I left school I volunteered at play schemes. Then I did a course which covered all aspects of social care working with young people with special needs. To do the job being a team player is essential. I work in a large team with two teachers and 6 TAs because of the multiple complex needs of the pupils. I love my job and seeing how the children progress; that I have had a positive impact on their lives is so rewarding and makes the job unbeatable. The challenge with the job is not having enough time to do all the work that is required which leads to unpaid overtime such as lesson planning.

Qualifications: Preliminary Certificate in Social Care; British Sign Language stage 1

Relevant CPD: Team Teach – a positive handling technique.

Training: Safeguarding; Steward training; Grievances and disciplinaries; Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools level 3 certificate.